Luis Robledo
" Pigmaei gigantum humeris impositi plusquam ipsi gigantes vident "
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Research interests

My research interests have drifted away recentely from theoretical Nuclear Structure to other avenues. In addition to Nuclear Physics I am also interested in the physics of strongly correlated many body systems and the associated techniques. I am also interested in nuclear reactions with special emphasis in electroweak interaction with nuclei of neutrinos and/or other plausible candidates for dark-matter.

theoretical nuclear structure

Most of my scientific career has been devoted to theoretical nuclear structure. There, I have worked on different aspects of nuclear structure mostly dealing with the restoration of spontaneously broken symmetries with empirical but realistic effective nuclear interactions like the Gogny force.

Nuclear reactions with neutrinos and dark-matter candidates

Cold atoms, quantum dots and the like

Simulating the quantum many body problem with quantum computers